Wednesday, September 30, 2009

We moved class again.
Form 6 student back to their class. But we cannot move back to our class =.='
we moved to 2 sentul which located just beside the form 6 class. (beside beside la) Same building same floor.
Dont kno what the hell had happened to the form 2 student la... Moved to downstairs most probably is because someone injured the leg ba. ISH!

The form 2 class is much more smaller than the form 6 class.
Even the table also become smaller =.='' Our class is between form2 classes. Dam noisy one.
There's one kid who trying to asked his friends to be quite so he 'Ssssshhhh-ed' and passed our class.
Mr Gan: "Eh Biawak... bla bla bla" (maybe he dont heard it clearly :P)
Classmates : (LAUGH)

Then, got 1 lower form kid is going to look for someone in 2 sentul , then he came in our class and with the shocked expression,
he said:" Eh, wrong class..." (he paisei and walked away as we laughed at him. haha :P)
During the lesson, Neng then said that "if got people passed through our class, they will shocked. See why form 2 people faces 'old old' one..." she meant me. hahah
Then I said, :" you know why just now the kid will shocked bo? Because he saw ur 'old old face' eh !!" :P (I know we are lame and crazy. I happy enough lor :P)

During the same lesson, I used the model answer paper that Puan Faridah asked us to copy to fold the paper airplane. Yaapin then snatched my airplane and cut into two!
So I asked for tape to tape it. But she dont want give me. Never mind, I used stapler to stapler it :P

AGAIN, she snatched it (she is jealous i think. hahaha) and cut into 4 ! =.=''
my plane die dy. Then she took it and 'repaired' it. like what i do, stapler it! hahah
But i still got another paper airplane, and I named it 'ZY FORCE'. haha
Then, yaapin also named her cacat airplane. and the name make me LOL..
'Yaapin Super Aeroplane!' =.='' I dont kno why but this really make me laugh out loud. It sounds funny weh.

Seriously, I didn't paid any attention during the BM lesson :P
Then it's Biology class. We read IFEEL mag for the whole double period.

Alright, finish my BM homework 1st :)

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