Monday, February 28, 2011

Sister's Convocation

Attended my sister's Graduation Ceremony @ One World Hotel.

Photos before the ceremony starts.

Family photo :D

My sis & I.

Mommy and Daddy :)

My sis's bf and 3 sisters :)

Hmmm... Only my dad and mom allowed to go into the hall, cuhs we dont have ticket.
So while waiting for the ceremony, we walk walk around the Hotel.
and took lots of pitcha! :)


What's wrong with her -____-"

I like the atmosphere here :D 
It's really comfortable.

Real flowers k! Got smell one!

Simply like this picture captured by ME! XD

OMG this one looked just like we're on vacation~! Yea? Got itu feel mah!
and this makes me recall about my Phuket trip :D

 Had our lunch + dinner @ Italiannies. (The ceremony not yet ended)
*ehem* I would not go back there again -____-"
This is nice :D
But I will not go back there again '___'

This is nice too!
But still, I will never go back again! '____'

The price is killing me and they CANT fulled my stomach.

Yeah my face is showing "the foods are nice" expression.
The foods are nice but my heart is pain!

Sister Cindy.

The couples.
Where's mine? :P

Balloon and me :)
Me likes balloon! 

Well, perhaps this post should be "One day trip at One World Hotel".
Okay good-bye readers!

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