Monday, February 07, 2011

We meet again!

Yay finally four of us met again! ;D Hmm... when is the last time huh?
Well, what I kno is it has been a long time.
And I've been waited this day for so long right!

Went out the whole day with the girls.
Breakfast @ 303 then head on to Yaapin's house sit sit.

Always wanted to come back but dont kno where to go :/
Went to mall while waiting for Neng to meet up with us.

Finally came up with a decision, decided to go to 双龙庙! :D

A very nice temple :)

Wishing Tree.
Simple like this capture took by Piyi :D

Make a wish make a wish :)

3 siaopo and the tree.

Next stop, Pantai Irama :)

Errr u can see that my lips is slightly orange huh?
It's not because I put orange lipstick on okay it's the ice-cream I've just ate.

Took lots of photos and it's so us :)
More photos on my Facebook.

AHAA! Changes in 3 years XD
Ini 2008 punya!

Ini 2011 XD

Aww I miss those days so badly! 
Time fliessss :/

Gather with old classmates at night @ First Station.
Yaapin & me :)

Piyi, Neng & ME! :D 

Friends, classmates of 2008/2009 :D

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