Sunday, March 20, 2011

Happy 1month :)

So it has been one month :)
Had a wonderful day with him. Went to Pavilion in the morning and watched Rango.
Hmmm funny movie by the way. *thumb up*, not with the s. hee

Decide to have our dinner at The Ship
Simply love the atmosphere there. & the restaurant's design is awesome.
The exterior of the restaurant resembles a life-size hull of a ship, and on stepping inside, i'm impressed with the interior design too. It's created likeness of a sea-going vessel, and the waiters are all in maritime uniform.
Like I'm really on a ship yay :)

Actually it's darker. Looks brighter in this photo.


& me! :)

Orange juicieee.

Photo before I start to eat. (Faster please i hungry aleidi)
*ehem* Okay, Thanks to the friendly waitress :)

chicken fillet and tiger prawns.
*thumbs up* 
It was uncooked when served. The waitress was there to grill in front of me.
I can smell it but I cant eat. (Dang I'm so hungry at the time)

Grilled Fresh Salmon Steak
AirFlown Norweigian fish garnished with parsley butter, served with French fries and mini salad.
His favorite. The salmon is gooooooood ;)

mini salad.

What'chu want?

♥ ♥ 

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