Saturday, July 16, 2011

This is life! :)

How'chu doin aye? :D
Hello for some update! I've been very the busy this whole week! 3 presentations in a week phewww. 
To reward ourselves for the hard work this week, we console ourselves with something delicious aha! XD
Take a break. 1 test and 1 presentation to go next week ugh.

So, we went to  LeVain where we wanted to go for so long! :)
Here we areeeee tadaaaaa...

Chicken Bologinase @ RM8.90
Cheaper price compare to some cafe out there and it's deeeeeeeelicious! 

Mmmmm.... My Mushroom Cream Spaghettini which cost RM9.90.
So nice that I can go berserk :O

Thai spaghetti if i'm not mistaken. Taste mediocre, acceptable :)

Miss Joevy and her spaghetti.
Yeah four of us have spag for our dinner :) We love spag awww...

Beryl's Chocolate Truffle @ RM8.++
OMG This one is a MUST EAT for me. So it's a MUST TRY for you! :D
I can feel the blessedness awwww... I want more! 

I'm drooling i'm drooling i'm drooling... fast fast bring me there again...

Walnut bread with cookie dough inside ;)

and Pizza! :D

The environment there is good and comfy :)
The place is really beautiful and classy. I will go back there I swear! A lot more to try.

I like the interior and also the exterior.
The environment is perfect!

Am gratify with all the dishes :D
Cant wait to go back there again! FAST! 

Okay. After our dinner, proceed to the second round, drinking session with another 2 friends ;)

Had our drinking session at OverTime :)

HTC phone is good I can say. Haha

Errr she is drunk.

Before we went back. 

Had lots of fun and we're all exhausted.
When is the next time girls? :)

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