Sunday, April 15, 2012

Sem break trip!

Oppsy I know it had been sooooo long! teehee!
So here we go wooooo! Off to Batu Pahat one of my classmate's hometown ;)

Lovely classmates :)

The lovely one who drives all of us all the way from KL to BP. The great teopeakhui! Sam fu sai... Haha! :D

He is the most important person in this trip, he's our tour guide of the day ;) Very "cute" tour guide.
And yep, he's that one classmate from Batu Pahat.

First meal of the day. It's WanTanMee but it's white and the chili comes with the mee in the plate. Quite... special I guess? At least it's different compare to KL and my hometown.
It's worth trying :)

After filling up our stomach then head on to check in to Hotel. 
Picture before heading out. Girls~~~ AHA! :D

Had some walk at the BP Mall and to the park after that.

T-rex and two cuties. Awww...

Err what is that? Whatever, I'll call it dinosaur. rawr...
A dinosaur and a bunch of cuties. hahaha! *slap*
Peakhui and me got trolled ewww... Show some faces friends! LOL

The weather is really hot but we still keep taking photos. Sweat like a dog. *ehem*
Btw we have fun thats true! :)

She loves me. I love her a bit too. 

HUAT AHH! 我们大家一起发!! :D

Owhyeahh. Zixuan told us not to come with ur partner or else hmm hmm... Idk too. Kinda forgot what he said. Whatever hehehe... 

The babes :) 
oooooopps! ;x

Ignore the Amelie la. LOL.

Had Bak Kut Teh for breakfast the next morning!
The soup is different, I mean the colour, it's white, errr or transparent. 
It's mediocre, it tastes bak kut teh loh! :D 

The day passes like this. We had joy we had fun we had laughter. 欢乐的时光总是过得特别快! 
Bought a lot of snaky snacks before head back to KL. Thanks zixuan for the trip and also the great tph and also all the friends we had fun together! :D 

Awaiting for the next trip ;)

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