Saturday, September 01, 2012

Langkawi #1

Finally the long awaited sem break trip is here! To be frank, I'm not really excited for this semester break's trip at first. Facing a lot of problems when just choosing for our destination. Penang? Langkawi? Genting Highlands? Exactly what the picture below convey. Plan and plan, count for this and that (cause majority of the students have limited budget), at last, Pulau Langkawi as the destination for our sem break trip! Why not Penang? Alright, we have all together 20 peoples and it would not be that convenient to travel to Penang in that large number, I guess? So... :)

The final exam finally ends and what I've studied I totally 忘光光! Getting more and more excited for the trip as the days is approaching *grin*

The girls in the lrt yo! 

All gather at Pudu raya station and wait for the bus to Langkawi @ 12am! 

(Photo by zixuan)
In the bus and we're ready to go! :D

Chit-chatted and slept in the bus until we reach Langkawi. Damn it's really cold in the bus luckily I wore long pants or else I'm gonna freeze to death seriously. Btw, it's a quite comfy bus tho :) I'm sleeping very soundly cause I did not feel the bus was drifting as my friends said that it is. *teehee*

The first thing to do is when we reach is......
to have our lunch! Omg im so hungry i can die. Had lunch at some restaurant which we round and round around langkawi for some time. Checked in to our homestay after the lunch. (Ooopss forgotten to take the photo of the house. It's quite nice btw)

Get ourselves clean up and start our journey! 


While still waiting for the others done. Everyone is watching AOD which the house actually provided us Astro Beyond. Coooooool huh? ;) 

Again, drove around Langkawi for some very long time to search for the next stop. Thanks to the weather and all screwed up. The rain stopped for a few minutes and we thought to have some cendol near the beach, too excited and never forgot to take pictures on the beach!  

The one and only group photo took by the someone there. Errrr you can see... thanks anyway. Duh... 

8 of us! xoxo

The weather is being good to us btw. It stops for a few minutes for us to take some photos and it started to rain again =.= Or else we wouldn't stop taking photos awwww... alright. 

AND this is the looked of the day! Awesome right! 
Could not do much activities on that day, so sad! Blame the weather! :(

Dinner at some thai restaurant and went back to our homestay. Played some games and head to bed and that's a day! Just hope that the weather would be better for the next day! :3

Oh ya! Almost forget bout the eagle! How careless! Hahaa!
Hello Langkawi! :3

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