Monday, June 18, 2012

Happy 20th! :D

It's my 20th birthday! 
Damn it's fast! So had my 20th celebration at Neway Karaoke with the classmates. Actually should be celebrating at CEO Neway but then on the day my friend received a call from ceo which tell her that all the big room is full! I was like "What? We booked it and now he is telling us that no more room? What the heck?" Sigh, whatever lah as long as I still can sing with them no matter at where! Dont ruin my mood on my big day aite!

So they share to buy me the pink coat which I so like it can die. Yes I really like the coat indeed, you know, fall in love in first sight and that's how I feel to the coat! Haha ;) 
AND they forced me to wear it on my birthday which I actually took more than one hour to change to match with the pink coat! Girls~ aha!

Here's the birthday girl! Yay me!

Girls of the day! Thanks for attending especially Dann and Peakhui! Appreciate a lot! 
You guys were like, "Why said so?" Right? :P 
They don't like to go to Karaoke as... yeah just dont like. hahaha! Peakhui's first time for me! How touching is that! :') So do Dann! Thanks for joining the celebration and she's the most active one among us. It's her show time when SNSD's MV is on the screen! LOL 
That's really bring a lot of entertainment to us!

Cakie cake! 面包脸... Alright, thats a very cute name invented by Dann.  

Tall guys and the... short one. 

AND the very yimjim one aka Kent! Hahaha!
Seriously, you look good in every picture okay! 

The special surprise gift from Kent. Awww so cute can! A handmade 3D birthday card! Yeah he did surprised me! Never thought to receive a birthday card after so many years~ and Thanks I really love it :D Haha! 


Group photo but without Peakhui and Dann.
Awesome celebration with awesome people! I'm lucky I have you guys and be here with me on my big day! :D I love you guys! 

At night, had dinner with another of my friend at D'Fortune. Thanks for the birthday treat! That's delicious. Nom nom nom..

Early surprise celebration at KFC with homies and Andre.
Thanks for the surprise and celebrating with me! Really appreciate it a lots!

Goodbye 19th! No matter how old we are, we are always the same age inside.
Thanks for everything friends, xoxo.

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