Tuesday, January 15, 2013

What's going on?

Ehemmm... hello blog how are you doing? You seem so dead leh!
I read my blog just now, and I was like, "WTF?! LANGKAWI THE "LATEST" POST?!" *selfslap*
that was long long long long long time ago... gah...

I have soooo many things to update actually but thats too many make me lazy to update... err... yeah thats why. So I'm going to make it short what I should be updating Aha! (I hope it is short) ...

Alright, I'm graduateddd! 我毕业了!!
But I'm still continue my study now so, it's the same. Duh...

A "must capture" photo! Hahaha!
But looks like.. ehem. As long as it has what we want lah! LOL

The feeling of wearing the graduation gown is really nice, but till that day, I wished I could just get it off it's freaking hot hot hot!

Thanks for attending lovely family! :D

We are from DEM :D 


So... what's next?
Ahhh yess...

Lemme introduce you all this little naughty fella. Say Hi to Chanel~ :D hehehe
She's a 2 months old baby schnauzer when my boyfie bought her. That's September if Im not mistaken uh. Should be... whatever hahaha. 

How small is she! You can see~ 
One of my favorite photo of her!       

and now!
 6 months old ~~~~
Hello I am still Chanel. I've grown bigger and naughtier and I like to bite! 
I never have enough food I am hungry every time I want food I want food I want food!
I'm glad I have this little fella to accompany me along :) 

AND NEXT! My favorite month and favorite moment! Guess what? ;)


Alright, this one I will update in one post! Or maybe two la. Too long one post not enough. hahaha!
Dont worry, will update soon I proooooo...mise~ *wink* 


Mr Lonely said...

congrats on your graduation~

Zhiyee said...

thanks! ;)