Saturday, March 30, 2013

Hello Holidays!

(Photo credited to Google) 
So whatsup people? 
 Well, I had just finished my final and thats mean I'm having holiday now! Wheeeeee! It's suppose to be a  more than 1 month holidays for me, for us actually. but now became only 2 weeks!
 There will be a one day trip to Segamat on 10th April, and before that, briefing about that trip on 5th. Duh... Somehow we are all compulsory to participate in the trip as it's related to our coursework assignment next sem, or next next sem or the last sem I'm not sure. Hehe... So yeah, you must go!

We love learning, yeah right, fond of learning and then "pooooof!"
Sayonara to another one week holiday ~
FYI, there's always many kind of talks held at our college and our tutors always asked us to attend the talk but only 几只小猫 would attend. Different case this time, everyone is familiar with this, it's about Google! WOW GOOGLE!   Google is having some kind of courses for our college students, I'm not sure I joined because of it's Google, or people getting older would want to learn more things.  
So, its from 11th to 18th of April. Wow, very productive sembreak!

Lucky there's still 2 weeks break for me because I'm going to Pulau! So I dont care how i also wanna back! Purposely asked my sis to make it on end of April. Teehee  And, gonna thanks sis cause she is going to pay for all of us! How lovely she is awwwww  

Imma have so much fun this sembreak!
Happy Holiday!
*P/S : Imma means I'm going to, not I am! Because there are still some dont know. 

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