Saturday, May 11, 2013

I did it, too.

Everyone knows about gwiyomi right... and practically, many hates it. Before this topics is really hot on the internet as there were loads of people make the Gwiyomi videos of themselves. I was like, "what the heck gwiyomi again?", "I would never do this stupid act cute thingy!", "Yerrrr, 以为cute咩!" bla bla bla. Errr, but there were some really cute girls doing the Gwiyomi I must say... Haha! 

So, I actually did it for the sake of my friend! Its for the Buddyz Gwiyomi contest organized by DigiYouths which you actually could win back stage passes to meet the K-pop artists! Yeah I'm a kpop fans too but not as crazy as she is. So, after a lil discussion of  to act or not to act, I agreed at last as I think that we might got the chance to be one of the winner because most of the contestants' videos are not-so-creative (just my opinion

But I'm at my hometown and she was in KL at that time. So she waited until I came back to KL which is 4th of May and the deadline of the video submission is on the 5th of May. Yeah as what I've mentioned, mati mati pun mau. Hahaa! 

She did put a lot of effort like search for the meaning of that song what it actually meant, thinks of the gwiyomi pattern and scenes. Choose for a nice environment to shoot... So we make the stupid act cute stuff at Typhoon desa setapak. The environment is really nice :) AND there were a lot of peoples which make us a bit paisei at first and actually, nobody cares LOL!

After the editing and uploading, we tried our best to get as many votes as possible by inboxing the friends on fb one by one doesnt care who is she/he. AND I actually take a huge courage to show it to all the people!!
 Some ignored and that's okay because me, too always ignore the people who asked me likes this and that. Oooops HAHA! 
Now I kno how it feels and I would definitely like or vote for you the next time if you asked me to. (well, let's seee.....)
We did make it into top 50 which will be advanced to the final round of judging by Digi.

So this is our gwiyomi photos and should I post the video too?

We are cute arent weeeeeeeeeeee~  

You can watch it here if you want. Louise & Zhiyee's gwiyomi LOL

The winners of the contest was announced and unfortunately, we failed to be one of the 18. 
Although it's a bit sad, but at least we have fun right LOL. 
输赢不重要, 重要的是参与挑战的过程! This would be a very good memory. 

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