Monday, October 20, 2014

Europe Trip: Köln, Germany #2

Good day start with English continental breakfast. Packed up our luggage and journey start to the next destination, Köln, Germany. 
Tour guide started to tell us history again during the journey and most of the people in the bus slept. Lol I'm not sleeping most of the time cause I wanted to listen to the history HAHA! No lah cause I think that it's better to enjoy the views outside. I do listened to the history at the same time, sometime its quite interesting but now I've forgotten already (`・ω・´) 

Here we are! 
This photo was taken in souvenir shop. Teehee

Cologne Cathedral (Kölner Dom) is the Roman Catholic church in Köln.
Waaaah  ( ゚ヮ゚) thats really tall! 

Meini, Stephy and I.
We can take many same photos at the same place same spot wan... Yess many! Lol

Lai yi ge group photo of 10 of us! ヽ(´ー`)ノ

 Knock knock! 

Pigeons! Erm.. are these call pigeon? Err.. I call them birds. 
I remember why I took this photo. Cause I saw two big guys with very professional dslr lying on the ground searching for good angle for quite some time to get a good picture of this. So, me too got nothing else better to do and try to take a "good" picture of these birds and this is it. Hehe 

After some pictures, get on the bus to the next destination, to have some delicaciessss! :D  Enjoyed the beautiful Rhine river along the journey. 

 German Pork Knuckle! 

 It's not bad but the taste could be...heavier? and it's quite stiff not nice to bite. Anyway I still prefer the Thai pork knuckle! Hee

We had some wine tasting after that. White wine I love! 

Some short walk opposite the restaurant. 

Wefie in the bus with these fellas ;) on the way to our hotel! 

Seehotel - Hemsbach.

 This hotel was not bad after all BUT have to pay for Wi-Fi which cost 3 euros and only accessible at the lobby, Deng.

 We were quite early to the hotel as we are having our dinner at the hotel. So went to have some walk around the hotel, feel the outskirts of Germany. 

Apple Tree! Never seen any apple tree before hee.

Apples on the ground.

Before the dinner, tour guide told us that the other coaches didnt make it to have the German pork knuckle as they were stuck in the jam for hours. We're lucky that we moved out earlier and missed the jam. Phew... 

Had our dinner around 6 and call it a day. I wanna sleep nao! Goodnight,

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