Thursday, October 16, 2014

End of my Study Life chapter.

I'm back from the UK and frankly, I miss UK every single day! But I miss Malaysia's friends and family and of course, the food even more! 

We had lots of precious memories in the UK, we cook together, we eat together, chit-chatting like there's no tomorrow (even we have one paper the next day), doing crazy stuffs with the girls (ehem u girls know... LOL), watching china shows every Friday in the living room, catching TVB drama everyday.... I'm starting to miss this a lot! 

After the last paper we were not free at all. We were busying for packing stuffs as we're leaving The Pinnacles the next day. Haiz.. so fast chase us away.. one day packing day also dont wan give meh... 

Ah Zhe knew we're leaving and he purposely visit us from Chester, with his girlfriend. Our last night in UK... :'( That was really busy night I must say. We cook all the leftovers we had in our fridge, something like a farewell party also lah. Also, walked to Tesco together the last time for some snacks! HAHA!

Theseeee are not all, yet. 

Here's the sushi from Ah Zhe and his girlfriend.  Nice to meet you, Halls! She's a pretty lady you would want to know! Hehe.. How nice of them still bring us homemade sushi for us! So touch! ( ゚ヮ゚)

Playing cards and drinking session again with these fella despite we still have to wake up early the next day.

Oh ya, I should really talk about this as this was the first time ever we get to makan MJ's sushi!
He super semangat to make all of us this super yummy sushi rolls. 
This was a Friday night if im not mistaken as we are watching China shows together in the living room, our Friday routine heh! 

Jiang jiang! Looks nice eh? Thanks MJ! (^v^)
The most blissful moment ever, watching movie while makaning! HAHA ヽ(´▽`)/

Oh well, time to say goodbye now.
 Goodbye my lovely room. My lovely suuuuper comfy bed, I will miss you. Bye! 

The next chapter of my life will begin soon. Say goodbye to copy, paste, edit, assignments! I will definitely miss these! HAHA! 

Thinking of writing blogpost about my Europe trip, if im not lazy, too many. Lol
Well, if you see I've uploaded them on Fb then u know. HEHE

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