Saturday, April 05, 2008

At Fu long shan~ for the Tomb-Sweeping day (:
Our parents saw the mango tree and
ask yong to pluck the mango! Haha
becuhs he is the tallest among us~
Yong:" How to pluck ah?" Then, we go to Sit Buddha. Tat's Xin wif her sexy pose :D

Mr. Chua is trying to throw Kaykay into the spring~ Kaykay then trying to Push Mr.chua into the spring as her revenge! Haha!
Hot hot hot ah!
After doing all of those pray pray things, we go to have our lunch luh~ then i saw this stall sign. Cold cold de coconut water. Haha! Wahh..really makes me feel more better leh~ Heeh! Peacock! He opens his "ass"! How nice is it :D BBQ party at night luh (: My uncle 42th & her daughter 10th birthday! :D Happy Birthday to another Mr.Chua & Miss Chua x]She dont want to blow the candles. She shy shy lah :')
My dad playing piano when the bbq party is soon over :)

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