Sunday, April 06, 2008

Spot checked today :(
& i got caught by Ong popo =.='
Actually i can escape from her that time =) cuhs she didn't noticed me.
Mana tau.. That malay teacher shouted:" Eh, yang tu lari!" I do run..Cuhs nervous mah!
I tot i can escape ma happy luh :) But then.. =.=!
Then Ong popo called me. :"So long still run!" Ahhh!
We went in the stadium for Sanitary pad cathedra. ~.~ Duh !
After the cathedra, "study" at class as usual =D

& I stay back for Leo club activity today.
We play straw and the rubber band passing game today.
hahah! Our group win leh.. expert 1 =P
Our group's privity very good lah! x]

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