Tuesday, April 01, 2008

back from genting highlands.
Bad weather there :( Rain & rain.
We arrived there already 1pm luhh.
stop for breakfast and lunch :D
I love the food we have at Gohtong jaya.
they are just so delicious! Heheh
Wait for my friend, then.
Rain rain rain =.='
We went indoor.. buy the movie tickets.
Rain stop! so went out agn :D
We go for the .. something la. duno what it called.
kahlin, my friend's bro.
He been force to play it. haha!
wei and him dont want to play it at 1st.. till piyi and me persuaded them :D
The thing not yet started to move, we already start to scream.
lol~ "like that ma..just got ambience!" ahahaha!

oh dang! it's raining agn!
raining non-stop lah ~! Aiyo..
went indoor then, we have our dinner~
Bak Kut teh! hahah..
Then, we play games. Photo hunt! photo hunts ! Hahah

Me , at starbucks after the movie :)
My sister, she get scold of this picture. Hah!
My parents tot she really smoke! lol

Bumper car! :D

All of us :D


Pirate ship (:

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