Sunday, February 15, 2009

Back back back! Back from skool. Long time never eat the "Har Mee" opposite the school ler. haha.
Went to eat with Yaapin & Oh. Then saw my car, kept on waving with them. lol (like stupid, I always do) We stayed back for the Leo Club activity. Before that, Yaapin "play" with Weihoong's Motor. haha.. We are so worried when she driving. (Motor'ing called driving?) She told me that, she knew it why we are so worried about her after I drived... You'll know after that.

Okay, so the activity for Leo Club is paint the tyre which they used for plantings. So damn hot, under the umbrella also the same. After painted 2 tyres, our hand kena painted. Used tina washed away, so smelly. I dont like the smell =X Then, went out for drinks :D The 1st time I finished pepsi so fast :P hahah.

Then, I "ki hiao" also want "play" the motor. Sit on the motor, and turn "that thing" slightly. Slightly leh. I've never motor-ed before. So I dont kno anything. Then, "fly" towards the wall! "Bangsdasf!" No lor. Fast fast press the break & falled. LOL! & that's why Yaapin said "我知道了, 做么你们这样紧张!" hahah... They shocked. haha haha haha. "Chi kek" eh :P I told my mom and I knew what reaction she will gave me. haha..

That's a nice experience, though :P lalala

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