Saturday, February 14, 2009

Very less people went to skool today. All pakat go take undang today. We talk alot in class.. like usual la. haha xD Teacher also not teaching.

Sipe tired! I need more air! Racing today, I almost fainted. If I do, that's not fanciful okay. But I dont, lalala~ Run 2 rounds, want my life! Chinese says "要我的命!" At least I get 2 marks la. 3 marks is not for me. I've never get 3 before! Yea, some ppl ask "So 'pok' for wat?" (for marks lah!) At least must get some marks ma, 1 also nice :P

Well, for the long jump. I get 0 i think. hahaha! Luan Luan Jump.. Cincai la. Then, throw the very heavy ball, I dont what it calls. Guess how many marks I get? Yay 3! =.=' 慢慢等就有.. If 3 marks then that's not me luh. After racing, I direct sit down to the floor. Then cannot stand up =.=' Ask Yaapin give me a hand. haha. Too too too tired liao. 'Chuan' eh! Better than my sis, at least I dont 'cannot move'. She told me that she cannot move at the staircase when she was going up to her class. haha. St. John's came for her. She still lying at the staircase that time if not wrong. I thought the St. John's would carry her to her class? haha.

Tomorrow my legs sure get pain. Going out now some more =.=' Ugh.

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