Sunday, May 27, 2012

Singapore with loves #Day3

Okay here's Day3! Was too busy to update and I dont know why. *ehem* okay back to the post. 
So, it's day 3 and Universal Studio here we come! *excited excited* Woke up quite early in the morning hope that we could redeem the free express pass for the Transformer ride which they only prepare for 200 early birds :) 

My lovely mom.

Sis and her bf. 
Waiting for the free shuttle bus to Universal Studio.  

In the bus, with the love one.

Hello, Universal Studio 我来了! :D

Where are u looking at Ah Na jeje~

Dont you guys recognize who is this? Err hello Mr. Panda from Kungfu Panda! :D
Sorreh what's his name in the movie? He's kungfu panda to me. Haha whatever.

Whoopeedoobeedoo! This is it! The 3D transformer ride is the first thing I wanna do. A lot of good comments from the friends who already visited USS :) So it's a must! Indeed, it's friggin awesome okay! 
It's like we're involved in the war and it's thrilling. It's definitely a ride that you wont wanna miss it! 


Bumblebee Autobots! 
The weather is effing hot but we still queued up to take photo with bumblebee! How adorable he is right. hahaha :D 

Mummy and the daughters.

The only photo with them! Haha
Like their couple tee cute right! :)

Another awesome and thrilling ride! Revenge of the mummy.

Jurassic Park River Adventure. Another awesome river raft ride. 
We were warned that we will get wet or even soaked. A lot of them bought the raincoat which are selling at $3 for a adult and a child. 
We didn't bought it as if you want to play, just enjoy it ttm right? ;) 


Here, after the ride, we were soaking wet.

What's next? 
The Battlestar Galatica!
There are two different rides, the red one is called Human and the blue one is called Cylon. The Human one is like normal roller-coaster and the Cylon ride is where your feet is hanging in the mid-air, it's floorless! Well, I love both rides but eventually I would not take the 2nd ride for the Cylon as I'm feeling a bit dizzy after the ride and the time for the ride is quite long.Tired of screaming already. Haha!

Xingyi, my little niece, arent she cute?! 


Madagascar!! I love them a lot! Hehe!

Bf with Ashton, my nephew.
They were best friend already despite they just met 2 minutes ago. 

Ashton and 坏人gorgor this is how Ashton addressed him. hahaha! 

We love USS and we will go again another day! :D

Day4, I dont wanna go back.
Took the last photo @ hotel's swimming pool before checking out.


So the 4 days 3 nights Singpore trip ended like this. It's seem so fast and its not enough! :(
But we did have wonderful and memorable days!
Looking forward to the next trip! Where to? :D 

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