Thursday, August 21, 2014

London Day 1 :)

Hello London! :)
So here we start our 3 days 2 nights trip in London and Southend-On-Sea, where Kent's mom live. The first and last day in London and the second day in Southend-On-Sea. 

St Pancras Train Station :)
 ps: their train station is bigger than Malaysia international airport! 
We reached London by train at 7 something in the morning. 

First stop to the King Cross's station to look for Harry Potter's platform 9!!! 

Here we found you! But err... something is not right eh?
Where's the luggage cart should be inside the trolley?! Okay perhaps we were too early. Lol 

Err this looks stupid but dont care. Im here and I must take a shot with this!! OK.. this looks reeeeeally stupid. So we decided to come back again.... Lol

Clink 78! 
We walk to our hostel after that. Which is not far away from the train station.. around 20 minutes I think. Hee

We were too early and check in is still not available. So we left our luggage at the basement luggage room that they provided! 

Of course, take your important belongings with you as it's an open luggage room for everybody. 

Prison cells caught my attention! 

Coooool.. all the room's door are prison cell-liked designed!

Here's a closer look! ;)

We bought the Oyster Card online which cost us 13 pounds (I've forgotten but around that amount la hehehe) unlimited underground usage, for 24 hours, with 3 pounds deposits. But I think All Day Pass is much more better which we actually bought it at the last day... I'll talk more bout it at later post. 

At the Underground! The train speed is suuuuuuuuper fast! Frankly im shocked with the speed and was stunned for awhile.. LOL got abit scare somemore... 

Take underground to Green Park for the Guard changing ceremony!!!

Oooh there's event carrying on. Wondering if the guard changing ceremony still going on... 
I told my friend, 等下表演取消... 没有表演... 我们就够力衰了咯... 
AND yes, the show is cancelled. We never knew until we asked the guard... triple confirm somemore.
 most of the people do not know about it tho. Suay liao lor. Because of the cycling event.
 But luckily we still have time to come back on Monday! So... another day then... 

Some of my friends join the cycling event too. Not us. Cause I dont cycle.. Not I dont kno how but I'm scared of cycling together with the big vehicles on the road. So... hehe

Photo session while "waiting for the guard changing ceremony" to start. When we still dont kno it was cancelled. 

So, these are the not-cycling group hehehe.
Well idk is because of me or what but still, thanks for accompanying me! HAHA cause all of them actually know how to cycled too. Hehehe

Interesting! :D
There are many kinds of  different bicycles.... 

Okay I first time saw this one! Hahaha

A closer look of the gold angel! 

Ohhh yuan lai the event was organized by Prudential! It was quite a big event actually... the cyclists ride through the whole London. So there would be no vehicles just bikes. But still, Im scared. LOL

Big Ben! All the way here from Sheffield to London for you man! Hahaha

Sweet couple photo booming at the back...

Group photo! :D

"The Tower of London's moat has been turned into a sea of red as part of preparations for the commemoration of 100 years since the outbreak of World War 1.
The installation, "Blood Swept Lands and Seas of Red", consists of 888,246 ceramic poppies - one for each British military fatality from the conflict."

It's time to hunt for food @ Borough Market! :D

Look what we found! Pad Thai! One of my fav Thai food! Nyahaha! 
There's lot of people queuing up and we joined the queue too.

So these are what we bought for our lunch! :D

Find a good spot and settled down to makan! 

British Museum. 
Actually, I'm not interested in any museum. My friends were there so we came here to find them. Hehe

Head on to Covent Garden after that, which is also one of the popular destination to visit in London. Shopping, theatre, bars, and restaurants can be found here! 

Brilliant performers playing Canon in D! :)

Time for din din after that. ChinaTown London!
We didnt had enough time to explore ChinaTown in London as we were in a rush to London Eye which is closing at 9.30pm. 

We had our dinner at Four Season Restaurant.

The Peking Duck is awesome but not the services! Lousy service...
 We ordered 8 dishes and served only 4 dishes! We were in a rush and we were still waiting for another 4 dishes to be served as we didnt know that they not yet cook until it's really running out of time and we cancelled our order. BOOO but i still love the peking duck hehehe. 

Half of the London Eye! XD

View from London Eye :)

Night view of Big Ben :D
Be careful when you're taking photos here. There are peoples with make up on their faces, Charlie Chaplin-liked faces would go forward and take photos with you! Never allowed them to do so as they did this for money without your permission. Just stay away from them. If they come near you, just walk away! Zhi dao maaaa?

We fully utilized the Underground for the Oyster Card's sake. LOL aboh wasted.
Last station at Tower Bridge!

OMG too pretty! TOO PRETTY!

A peace photo with Tower Bridge at my back!! :P

I've always seen this on the TV before but it's even impressive in the reality! Definitely worth a visit! My London trip would never complete without this stunning view! Awww I'm in love~

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