Friday, August 15, 2014

Kent's Birthday!

Happy birthday kent! 
So as usual, a little surprise for him at 12am. Actually was a last minute plan as we are celebrating it on the exact day, 3rd August. So we were not planning for surprise at first. But we were too free and got nothing else better to do in the midnight so... We had a cake for him but we kept it for the next day so a little pizza from Charles as a substitute haha! 

Woooh~ Kent in nude. 
Thats good he's not yet asleep.. ooh okay he doesn't sleep early.
We rushed into his room and sing happy birthday song. and there we saw the sexy kent. LOL

We had steamboat dinner the next day as Kent mama came all the way from Southend-On-Sea. She suggested this steamboat dinner. Thanks Kent mama as she brought all the food for us, mostly seafood and we only have to prepare the cooking utensils. 

Never thought to have the chance to eat crabs in the UK!! Feeling blissful! LOL
I'm a crab lover fyi. Crab cooked by Chef Zixuan. It was nice but too spicy for me.

These two big kids............ finished the watermelon eating just like this! 
Nah joking :P

A group photo of 12 of us ;) We take a group photo every time and this time was a special one as Zhe is in it too!!! :D

He was our diploma classmates and went UK to further his studies and we meet in the UK! (Remember the pre pre pre previous post about the arrival in the UK, he was the person who welcome us at the airport!

Two birthday cakes one from us and one from Kent mama. She baked the cake herself and it tasted heavenly nice!! 

Mother and son :) 

The next day, 

Kent mama brought too much food and we cooked them for the dinner the next day. 
Jiang jiang... the leftover crabs.. hehe

 Zhe was suppose to leave Sheffield at night but we kept on asking him to stay one more night as we dont kno when is the next time we would meet again :( Lol He decided to stay and leave to Chester at 6 in the morning because he still got to work at 11am. 

Thanks for the beers Zhe! :)
We had lots of fun playing the drinking games with cards. It had been a long time we never play like this since Langkawi trip! Hahaha! Miss that moment so much! I love my friends! ;)

Time pass so fast and we're going back to Malaysia soon. Very soon... Gonna miss the life here a lot! 
Weather is getting colder, feeling much better as compare to the weather  last two weeks, its burning hot and I feel like I'm sauna'ing in the house. Fyi no aircond and no fan in our apartment. The weather like that stayed around 2 weeks and now it turns back to normal again. No AC also feeling cold in the house and me liking it! Hehe

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