Sunday, August 31, 2014

Back in London! ♥

This post been held for toooooo long in my draft. Lol Had been too "busy" for dramas with the gang whole day. Haha

So we are back to the Buckingham Palace for the guard changing ceremony! We were abit too late for a good spot. Sigh..

Sooooo many people... Some more angmos all so tall we asian so short cannot see anything at their back!

Never stand here.. all you can see is cars cars cars....

Ahhh! Guards! We were like finally they are coming towards our place!

1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8.... just 8? Thats all? Erk.

And after awhile.... They came from opposite site...

Off they go again.... 

Never get a chance to see the Guard Changing ceremony inside the palace... So sad. We were too lazy to wait anymore so we move to have our lunch! :)

Burger and Lobster which is a must!!! 

We ordered Grilled lobster and Steamed lobster.
ps: Steamed lobster best! :D

The London National Museum 

Had super long wait in this queue. To see the dinosaur...... Lol

Outside queue, Inside also need to queue..... We didnt know whats this queue for tho so we just join the queue. 

Yuan lai is to see dinosaur.... I am not interested in dinosaur actually. But no choice, we couldnt leave the queue when we're inside. You are forced to walk and explore through the whole dinosaur world~~ Lol

Well ok, I'm in, so here are some T-rex facts.. LOL

Woo eggs!

We were exhausted as we were carrying big backpack with us the whole morning! 
Get back to KingCross station and took a not-stupid-anymore photo at Platform 9 3/4! HAHAHA

Sheffield! I'm coming home! 
and I reached Sheffield through that wall............

We've been waited for 1 and a half hour for this photo! The queue was too long again. Yeah, we were queuing most of the time. LOL 
Thats end of the London trip! Gonna prepare for the coming finals soon! 

Can't wait for holidays! :D

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