Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Europe Trip: Barcelona Day 1

Wake up super early (29th Sept) to catch 6am bus to Paris airport.

We are flying with Ryanair to Barcelona, which cost 23 Euro per person. Landed safely at Barcelona airport at 10.40am and here's where our Barcelona trip begin! :D

First, to check in to our hotel at Gaudi Sagrada Familia, 309 Euro for 3 nights. Also, booked room for 4. This one we just told the owner of this apartment that we have 5 because she looks not that scary. Lol In replies, she said that we should've told her earlier as in she could make some preparation. I dont kno what kind of preparation la thats what she said. Lol Phew, luckily no extra charges. Sibeh scared she said need to be charged. HAHA 

So there's One double bed, two single beds and one sofa bed, bathroom and a kitchen for you to cook. Just perfect for 5 of us! The bathroom is sibeh small la want turn in the shower got abit kang ko lo. 
5 stars rating for this apartment too! :)

The greatest architect in Barcelona, Sagrada Familia is just opposite our hotel! 
The construction is expected to be completed in the first third of the 21st century, since 1880's. Wow! That's super long ok I'm looking forward to it's completion! 

Explore around the city...

 This little yellow car is allowed to rent and drive around in the city if you're lazy to walk. Lol

There are too many good food around us and we can't decide which restaurant to dine in.
Just simply make our steps into the restaurant that we have the right feel to it LOL nonsense.

So we ordered three different kinds of Paella. All of them deliciously satisfied our tummy. 

Each person dining in must order drink or else they would charged for not order any drinks, 2 Euro per person. But goddamit it's cheaper than we ordered the drinks after we calculated. WHY I sound like so aunty now -.- But ok la better charge for nothing right at least we pay for drinks.

Ignore bf chaogan face cause I only have this. LOL

Attention seeker, sick of his pose. 

Fake reading shot. You found which page to read yet? 

Casa Batllo, one of Gaudi's masterpieces, a references point of modernism. 

You have to pay to visit inside.
We super poor no extra money for the entrance. I would definitely go inside if I don't have budget. Save cost man save cost! Lol

We only can visit the building next to it, which is free entrance, it is just as beautiful.

The one on the left.


Our ways of photo: same place same pose same spot by changing the "model" and taking idk how many times and forever not satisfied with the results. Teehee!

Is this some kind of art or what? Hmm.. sorry I have very bad sense to art. I dont understand them. 

There's legend saying that if you drink the water from this drinking fountain in Barcelona, you will come back again one day! Remember the scene in 流星花园, 杉菜 and 道明四 drink this tgt...... Lol

BUT, we dont know how does it works we anyhow turn the tap also no water come out OR perhaps this is just a "statue"? Omg sound so stupid hahaha

We continue to walk after trying several attempts also no water flow out. 

I'm afraid and my face expression explained all that. 

Pose also wait for better timing maaaa... HAHAHA

Ok now he feels like he conquered them all. 
"I'm the King of the birds!" Err sounds so wrong.

No, you are the King only if you have the feeds to them. 
There are ppl selling the feeds just buy from them if you want. 

La Rambla street.

So cute got smurfs on the ice cream! But I'm not eating that flavors HAHA

Forgotten which flavors I've chosen but still yummy :)

We were all mentally and physically exhausted and time for a good rest in our comfy apartment. That summed up our first day in Barcelona! 

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