Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Europe Trip: Halfday in Beauvais

So we left the tour the next day (28th Sept) which they went back to UK and we move on to our own trip! We were forced to stay in Paris one more night as the earliest flight we could catch is on the next day (29th Sept) 9am in the morning. 

So it means we have to reach airport effing early. Somemore we are not familiar in their country so we should be even earlier. Just in case anything happened~ But glad everything went smooth! :) 

We booked the hotel which is the nearest (not actually the nearest one) to Beauvais Airport in Paris and also with affordable price, Hotel du Cynge, 110 Euro for per night. There are five of us and I make a booking for 4 to save cost.

 Our stay for that night in Beauvais, Hotel du Cygne which I would rated 5 stars for it. 

Very spacious room and also the washroom! Also, good location, walking distance to bus stop, 
Loaded our bags and then move out for dinner. 

Nearest Kebab's for our dinner.  

Met this two giants. They are huge! 


Always love the architecture of their Cathedral, spectacularly beautiful.

Beauvais is a small town and nothing much to walk around too as most of the shops are closed.\

Very stupid thing was that we booked for 4 person right, and the 5th person have to sneak in, my bf. Lol First attempt failed, scared to try for the second time so bf and I waited outside for some time, 500meters away the hotel. We walk around the small city and texted my friends in the room if there is nobody at the counter already. THANKS GOD there are free wifi in the city, Quite exciting tho.. Loll

So this is how we went through...

Amelie walked out from the room (on the 2nd floor), walked down the stairs to check if theres anyone still at the counter. Cause he did told us that it is closed around 10pm la so if we are happen to explore the city until very late, we must enter the access code to enter the hotel after 10pm. Aiya you know la in western country no where else to go after 5pm la unless you are drinker. We are not so we just sit there like old couples we used to see in the park, enjoying the views and chat. YES like that for dunno how many hours la. Somemore so cold leh. Lol

Okay back to the hotel, Amelie was walking down the stairs and passed through 1st floor, and then texted me that counter is empty we can sneak in now! I received the text and fast fast walk back to the hotel lo. Perhaps he heard some noise and open the door, this happen just AFTER Amelie texted me, (Omg he is still here in the hotel I thought he would be somewhere else, but not in the hotel. So, now we knew that he is living in the hotel too. Lol)
He then asked Amelie politely, "Anything I can help?" Friendly award for him! But Amelie was shocked in situation like this Lol 心有屎maaa hahaha. 

Lucky we make it or else I think we have to sleep outside the whole night d! It's not easy to sneak in okaaaay. Lol 

I was thinking why dont we just told him we have 5 ppl, maybe he would just let us in at he beginning instead of telling him my bf is visiting us. LOL Experience tho... But in fact we are too afraid for being asked to pay extra la hahaha! Wan save cost de ok... 

Was suppose to write about Barcelona trip but then never know my story already too long to continue. So I shall make it the next post. Lol

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