Tuesday, June 02, 2015

Europe Trip: Paris, Eiffel Tower #14

I know its super late but still, Bonjour Paris! :D
 It's our Paris sightseeing tour and free shopping time for today. 

Eiffel Tower you're so beautiful! 
You can visit the Tower either by stairs or lift. Each floors with different prices. We got no time fer that so just keep moving.

Trying to search for a good place for a perfect shot. Apparently, not this one yet. Lol

Ok this one better! Showing love from Paris! 
and so we took alot of photos on this spot. LOL

Picked out 2 fav's out of ALOT haha

I miss them so much! 

Giant Eiffel Tower vs Tiny Eiffel Tower. WHERE?! 
Holding on our hands! Haha
Which is really cheap for 6 just keep bargain from them LOL. 

From here you can have the perfect view of the Eiffel Tower, it would be even better in night time!

and this is where my bag broken! Yes the black sling bag I was using in the photo. It was with me the whole time I'm in Europe so sad to say goodbye. Annoying bf even tear it into pieces -.- How evil is he. Yes it CAN be tear. LOL

I'm not planning to buy any bag to save cost but then this make me no choice to get a new one....... 

Continue for sightseeing tour... 

Arc de Triomphe with our tour guide! The only group photo with him haha.

Louvre Pyramid 之 回眸一笑... HAHA!

Walked to Love Lock Bridge after that. Which was just a 10-15 minutes walk from here. Aiya if you're with your lover walk how long also nevermind but we have time limit so we must be hurry. Lol 

 My perception towards the bridge is, 不重咩? 
Heard my friend told me that it was once collapsed because of all of the locks and recently I read some news online  said it's going to be taken down... It's gonna replaced it by plexiglass panel so Love Lock bridge is becoming a history. Lol Was suppose to lock our "love" too but then we forgotten to bring our padlocks out from our hotel's room. Haha!

Fake candid shot.

One of the photo I love the most :) 

 The most famous Macaroons in Paris! 
But too bad I'm not a macaroon lover. 

 Pretty pastel combination :)

and some bags? Lol

It's our free time for some shopping after the sightseeing part. 
So we get ourselves something to makan first before Lafayette. No money can do window shopping only. 

Queueing up to buy a Longchamp -.- Full with tourists everywhere! Not only Longchamp store. 
They choosing the bags like in Pasar Malam like that. 夸张... China tourists are way too rich d.

After we done the shopping, tour guide brought us to his favorite Thai restaurant in Paris, personal recommendation from the tour guide which he claimed to be very delicious and yes indeed, he did not disappointed us. Hahaha

 I also dunno what's the name in English. Lol

Hmm there's suppose to be food photos right? Err well.. too hungry for the food and forget about the photos completely. Lol 


This marked an end of our memorable 15 days 14 nights Europe Trip! We were separating as some of our friends are leaving back to UK the next day. But we are staying and travelling on our own for the following days. Will update posts about Barcelona and Santorini trip later :)

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