Saturday, April 21, 2007

ahahs. Friday ! :DD it was weekend at Kelantan. ^^
i lovedd. we do have a great day.
We went to Hayaki Cafe, for our lunch.
and then, went back to Wensan house. Watch Blackie Teenage DVD.
Quite boring de. XP
After that. wuahahas ~ we went to swim.
wensan bring us to Billion condo's Swimming pool. But it's soooo small.
so we decide to go to Hotel's Swimming pool. hahas.
hmms. how long i never swimm. i think got 1 or 2 years ady luhhs. :)

just swim for an hours, 3 of us already flaccidity. HAHs
we went to have our dinner after that.
ME :" erm. i want Nasi Goreng pataya without Chillies."
Waiter:" 0k ! tak nak chili .*laugh* "

but when the food servedd.
wat the.. i told her dont want chillies.
Just as well the chilli not so hot. L0Ls
i still can eat that. =P

Night, play Audi with piyi. XD
i trainedd her. hahs
after that went for Gunz agn.
i LOSED ! L0Ls
Piyii ~ not bad worhhs. (:

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