Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Prize Giving day ! i'm one of the prize winners.
we do have many times of rehearsal the day before. swt"
and 3 2ara's students, tat's me,szepeng nd shenyao.
Paiseh twice at School hall. @.@ We are soooo embarassing.
No face le. L0Ls~
when rehearsal, with no others students.. teachers never ask us not to come out,
becuhs of save on time.
But.. 3 of us. with 1 row prize winners, stand up and walked to Middle of the hall.
=.=" den teacher asked us to go back. Damn de lahs.

my face become as red as an apple. LOLs
and i remember, shen yao ~ u screamed. Like a Chicken which learning a dog bark.
wuahahahs. LMAO ! and today he absent. went to hospital for his teeth.
and a Tall and thin Prefect delegated him.
i am 3rd at class. wat the... only get Rm10 .
i'm so jealous with those elitist. they get soooo many prizes, and sure lot's of moneyy.
i will be one of them 1 day ! LOLs

After the prize giving. skool over at 10am. We walked to Cyber Cafe.
OMG ! damn hot de. i could be a fire boar ~
den walked there, no place for us to play le.
walked back to skool agn. TT ~ went to buy Iced- Blended as fast as we could !
hahahs :DD

Played Gunz just now.
54gurl45 said i am a noob. =.=" she lvl36 but i only lvl10 and my other friend oso lvl10.
We killed her. She is so disaffected. den she keep on scolding at us.
and so did us Quarrel in a game.
LoLs ~ tat's only a game Gurl. =.=" dont take it soooo serious.
and stop showing off. We dont be envious of with ur idiotic moves.

I do really addicted with Gunz now. LoLs :DD

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