Thursday, April 19, 2007

oh yeahs. yesterdayyy, we went to GH Hospital to visit our teacher in charge of our class.
if not becuhs of our exercise books [[which we ask her help us to keep them]]
mayb we wont gooo. =P But , tat was an interesting visitations too.
we never went hospital and visit any teachers b4.
She must b sooo lucky sehhs. :DD
Cikgu Rozita said :" becuhs of 3Ara, tat's y Cikgu Khairiah masuk Hospital. [[Asthma]]"
we never know she has asthma. We tot that's true.
but when we ask Cikgu Khairiah, she say Demam. =.="

We wrote a card with 5 big letters "SORRY" to her.
but b4 our class do stimulated her.
XiiuLinn mom, she search data of our teacher. we just knew tat she was becuhs of Denggi.
Yeahs, our teacher do really surprised and inspiredd.
we can saw her eyes with tears. HAHs :DD

Anyways, hoped you get well soooooon. =P

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