Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Darn. My hair kena cut by Liew! >:(
4 of us become Mushroooms! iiiishh..
hai.. suan le lo~

This morning at skool.. so suay.
That "Girlish" teacher knew that we had answer sheet with us.
Then asked us go out and write our answer at the black board
shyt de.. I wrote the other answer (not same with the answer that i copied from the answer sheet :P) then she checked our workbook!
sei fo lo..
Teacher : " Why dont you write your answer at the blackboard? Write what you write on the blackboard!"
Zhiyee : " .......! "

We back to our seat. She come and check our workbook again.. 4 of us, tzesie.. we got the same answers. :P Then asked those who suppose to stand , sit down. But, asked we, who copied the answer sheet stand on the chair! =.='

Some fast reaction, they rubbed off the answer then no need to stand.

Teacher:" Where do you copy from?"
Tzesie :" My friend.."
Teacher:" What class? Who ?"
Tzesie :" Sc1, (her friend's name)"
--Then , my turn.
Teacher:"How bout you?"
Me :" Copy."
Teacher:"Where do you copy from?!"
Me :" Same la.."

Then she asked tzesie go and take the book from her friends.
Then, she go to sc4 and asked Miss Yong whether they already done it or not..
Wat the... Then she come back and told us that ask us dont lie.
Sc1 not yet done, Miss yong not yet tought!

Bo bian, she asked one by one.
At last, we give her the answer sheeeet!
Suay de lo.. issh! =P

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