Wednesday, September 24, 2008

"Never say, never know ? "
Okay, i will pretend that i dont know :)

Oh ya, Happy Birthday Po~
It's already late 2 hours :P
I wished her this morning, when having breakfast.
Old saying, "May all your dreams come true"

Just finish watching Batman the dark knight.
It's a really nice show =D
& it tooks 2 and a half hours!
Watch with my dad. My youngest sisters said that it was boring,
cannot tahan then go sleep. Haha..

bla bla bla, what else to write..
yaa.. Bakat Chung hwa 2008~ Heard they said that this is the last year for bakat.
Awwww.. It's interesting at the beginning, we still have the semangat to cheer..
Then, no more energy, just so tired & hot! It's freaking hot man. ish!
Well, the first time he sing is better.
I love the first time i heard he sing, it's really nice :P
Wuahaha :D

[I'm not happy with what you've done!]

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