Sunday, September 07, 2008

Finally, all of us took part for the making of latern attended at Yaapin's house!
It's really hard for all of them attend . lol
Cheehwa, choo, wh, kelvin, yang & liang.
resting. Watching movie...

tzesie & yang. Playing with coco & happy~Then, yaapin teach Panyen & neng to bake shit cookies! :P
& It's done! They ready to served that. Nice coooookies ;) haha.
I can bake it myself, too! :D
"Cheehwa, Coco is sooooo comfortable sleeping at your lap.
She's already fall in sleeeeeep!"

Yang. Writing "Mao-bi zi" It sounds like cat nose..

Liang& panyen. Trying to hammered the "ubi-kayu"
which she said that it looks like ubi-kayu ~

Happy wanna join us too :D hahah

Neng is so RED! She wearing yaapin's crocodile slipper. haha

We then walk from Sri cemerlang to Tan sticker, to buy plastic for our lantern. Then, No plastic that we want.. Walk to Pustaka seri intan. CLOSED! Time for puaaasaaa.. Ishhh!
Then, we try to walk to Mydin, close again! The next station, Pantai Timur.. it was opened.
Manatau, when we want to get upstairs, the workers told us it is closed! Ahhhh...

Then, we buy some KFC to treat ourself... walk so far away. Piyi asked us try 7-eleven.

We go there and we got what we want ! & that's a problem for us to walkback to Sri cemerlang . Lols.. Luckily Neng's bf said that he fetch us back :D Haha!

Continue with our work agn.. Then meetoto at yaapin house.. Hahaa :D It's better if her Microphone can use :)

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