Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Go to Kay's house :D
Sms'ing- "Kay, Where are you now? At home ?"
"No, i just finish from tuition. Later going to perm my hair"
"Icic, ok then. We go your house tmr!"

We already got out from home, malah wan turn back.
Then, phone for yong.
"Yong, 你有在家吗?"
"Kay nih?"
"管他去死!" - lol

Yes! They at home and we no need to turn back.
Why kay suddenly cancel perming her hair, because her dad dont let her do so!
She is still youngg :))
Go to kay's room, we saw many mask at her bed!
After that, she took out a big plastic bag which fulled of mask!
There's soooo many of it.
Then, we start to fooling around with the mask her mom bought from China, for the coming halloween party~ ;)

Lotsa mask!

I love this mask la wei~~! XD haha

You are not scaring me! :X
Niceee :D
WITCHED. [It's just the witch hat, so i call myself a witch :P]

Marry me! :D

WOOO! Actually it's raining. But we still non-stop taking pitcha. But then it's stop!
"Maybe we affected the rain god ?" Raining still want to take picture. Hahaa

Kay give me her chips! hahah xD want some too ? :P

We & Marie the cat! :D
Kay asked me to take such this picture. That's her hand.
It goes "Oh my God!"

Cool huh?:D Took it at somewhere sell glasses =.='
Forgot where liao.

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