Thursday, July 23, 2009

Just got back form Lion's dinner.
okay, the MJ performance really make me LOL.
Not even me, but my mom, and my mom's friends who are same table with us also lol.
Overall, the dinner is still boring!

The Chemistry experiment which we've waited for years, we did it today! haha :D
the explosive experiment. Wuuu~ so nice :) Our group made three boxes, 2 mixture in each boxes.
Also, our group is the 1st group to show the experiment. Teacher ask us not to do the sound which human does not do. (Woo~~ ...) Asked us only to clap. hahaa
But our reaction are, clap plus 'woo-ing'.

Well, nothing else special in skool.
Four of us sing whatever we want in class when teacher is not around, as usual.
Sorry for disturbing you guys. But it's your pleasure that you all have the chance to hear we sing :P wuahahah!

Just now my sis show me something from her e-mail.
and the tilte wrote "怕就不要看!!"
This title scare me alright...
The first picture she shows me,
Getting more scare when saw this =.=''
Dont you?
Messy messy hair somemore, what you think that is ?
The 2nd one. I ran away and my sis pulled me and dont let me go.
"See laaaaa, very cute one!!"
"DONT WANT!!!" (How can you called this kind of thing CUTE?)

She fast fast scroll down to the next picture....
Errrrr... okay.
This was cute =.=''
Scare me dao....
I wonder who is your owner doggy.
SO FREE doing this stuff to you. I bet she was a girl? :) hahaa
The 3rd picture really scared me! =.='''
So that's all for today :)
Night, peoples!

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