Tuesday, December 15, 2009

WoooO! Just got home from Bear's house. We have a greeaaat party xD
haha. We watched Silent Hills at 1st when we arrived her house.
But too bad, we did not finished it cuhs we already hungry and went out to eat 1st. lalala =P
So paused it 1st. (after eating continue!)

But after eating, we direct run into the Karaoke room. haha!
Byebye ''Silent Hills'' !
We sing until very syok ah :P haha!
Pick those old old de song to sing, but dont kno how to sing. lol
& saw some Old Song's Name very funny, ''Wo Xi Huan Dai Wo Zi Ji Si Ben" hahaha!
Hmm, Bear's dog -ah boy really like to stay in the room to hear us sing nuh..

I enjoyed the party very much :)
Dont kno when we could meet again! :'(

Group pictures :D
Why they seem so happy? haha..

Without Neng (Hui Ci Bin) haha!
Neng sudah balik.

Yang, Choo & Kelvin :)

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