Friday, September 24, 2010

DiGi iPhone 4 Me

OMG DiGi is giving away an iPhone 4 to the most creative nuffnanger!
I was like, "OMG serious shit?" I've always wanted an iPhone!
Why not take this chance to win an iPhone 4?! :D

My dad and my sister is an iPhone user too! My dad bought iPhone 3G at first, but then when iPhone 3Gs was released, he bought the iPhone 3Gs and gave the iPhone 3G to my younger sister, but not me! D:
Okay, this is how. My dad don't wanna let me know about that "he's going to give his iPhone 3G to my sister" thingy. As he knows that this would make me jealous. Yes, indeed! Jealous can die! (Why her but not me? Yet I'm the one who've always wanted for soooo long! ) My mom told me all this *teehee* And then my mom said that this is because I'm leaving from them for my further studies, I wouldn't be here and would not know that my dad gave his iPhone to my sister, so I wont be jealous.  (Oh hello? I could see through her Facebook status if she updated her status " how many minutes/hours ago via Facebook for iPhone" )
Nah... using friend's iPhone? Hmm... perhaps I would believe that for a while. What if I saw that she's using iPhone when I was back? So my mom just told me those "secrets", no point to conceal it. You can not conceal a truth forever. Haha!

Thanks to my mom, my sister could use it aboveboard before I left my hometown. What to do? Yeah, I just accept the reality reluctantly :/
I waaaaaaaant an iPhone too! iPhone 4 is so cool can die! :D
So I hope this time DiGi iPhone 4 me!

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