Tuesday, September 28, 2010

DiGi iPhone 4 Real

I'm drooling after I saw the DiGi Plans! Especially the iDiGi 88 :D


It's only cost RM58 per month!! What you waiting for? (It's your birthday, so tell me what you want it too, It's my birthday, I'm really wanna get with you. get an iPhone)

You have FREE usage for ALL local networks! WOW! *drool again*
Especially the 1GB internet access! OMG, I can tweet tweet and tweet! xP
(I can tweet when I need toilet papers when there is out of toilet papers! D: So people who saw my tweet could send me some! Perhaps? haha! ) Ah, just an stupid example :P

Somemore, you dont have to pay much after the monthly FREE usage. We get the lowest rate which is really low can! 

*Drool again* no extra charge after exceeding monthly quota! "Gam houuuu?"
(OMG I drooled all the way and my table is getting wet now!)

So what for waiting?! Move your ass on and sign up for this "drooling" DiGi package! :D

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