Saturday, September 18, 2010


Suppose to go to Tok Bali instead of PCB.
That's our 1st choice(Tok Bali). I've not yet been to Tok Bali before! Hmmph!
But then plan failed :X So change out destination to PCB :)
Whatever, still the same, both also beach!

Guess what? I ride on a horse!! Wheeeee! There were many horses, far away from us lah.
We walked towards the sea. Saw a malay guy on the horse. I kept staring at them, *teehee*
Then he asked, if us want to have a ride? Something like that.
I nodded my head :P haha!
& he asked where we came from (means that he dont think that we are kelantanese :P)
He said Kuala Lumpur, I just nodded my head again.
I get a free horse riding! YAY! ;P

Honestly, I'm afraid to ride on the horse. When he asked me to.
 I was suppose to ride on the pony, but the pony is just too stubborn, that make me even afraid to ride on it. The kid who is riding on it also cannot control it.
So the guy asked me to ride on his horse! :D

Hmmm... I'm trying my very best to get on horsie!

Taddaaa.... Mission accomplished!

Fuuuuu~ Riding horse is FUN! :D Although it scents.
It's a nice experience though. Thanks the malay guy! For the free horse ride! :D

Errr, okay I dont kno what am I doing. 

 Neng keeps on calling the crabby. She even uses a stick to kacau their hole just to see them!
But none of a crabby appear! LOL.

This photo I simply likey!
Looks so natural :) 

HAHA! Who is this?! It's belut!
Okay, he is Keepin aka belut lah! :P

 Veeeeery nice pose of taking ''what-the-hell-is-that" photo!

 Mr. SAW! I bet he would set this photo as his FB profile picture! xP

Shenyeow aka Hippo! :D
Too excited perhaps.

 Take a group photo before we left! 


 Good night! :)

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