Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Bangkok Day 1 :D

Jeng jeng jeng jeng~ Bangkok wo lai le!
Always wanted to visit Bangkok as my friends told me there is awesome! Yesss true, Bangkok is awesome and 5 days is not enough! I will go back some other day :)

Thanks boyfie for sending us to Rantau Panjang (which is located near the Malaysia-Thailand border) early in the morning. That's not an easy task for a pig u kno :P

Hell lot of peoples going to Thailand. Met some friends over there too :)
Queuing up for tourist overseas registration. So hot can dai (-__-)

After done all those stuff, had our breakfast at Sungai Golok first and then take another 1 hour to Narathiwat airport. 

Very cute airplane huh? Nok air thailand. Oh ya, Nok means bird in thai :)

Meals on plane :) *thumbs up* 
Not only the meals are awesome, the stewardess are pretty too! Much more better than AA's I can say (.__.) ooops.

 Reached hotel.
Evergreen Place Bangkok! :)
Nice hotel, nice price, nice location. It's near shopping center, we just need to walk for some minutes. 

Got kitchen somemore! But alas, useless also. You're in Bangkok now do you still want to cook? :O

After a 45minutes rest in the room, it's time for some walk! :D

AH! *shyshy*

The first place visited, MBK center :)

Awwww these roasted pork are soooo nice! I want more! 
(Dang my stomach is making some noise now.)

Very cute shoes. You can decorate them urself with buttons and the other stuff.

Mister Donut. Sister and her bf, queuing up to make the order.

Mmmmmmm mmmmmmm mmmmmm~ Hen nice de lor XD

and latte :)

The couple.

Dinner @Ban Khun Mae.

Green Curry. *Droolinggggg*

Kangkung. Much more nicer than Malaysia's. Seriously.

Tomyummm really yumm yummm yummmm!

My mom's favorite. She could have JUST this everyday.

OMG pulut mango! This is my favorite. Best of the day! Haha XD
The mango is sweet and the pulut is just nice! OHMY...
*saliva swallowing* 

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