Thursday, September 08, 2011

Bangkok Day2! ♥

Day2 the journey start like this! :D
Okay this is gonna be a very long post alright! Very very long one~ Enjoy ;D

Mom and sister, waiting at the hotel lobby for the van to pick us up.

Thailand Grand Palace.
(A must go place in Bangkok!)

The entrance ticket to the Grand Palace.
Waaahh make damn lot money one. How many visitors a day? Many! How much they earn a day? Many!
It's not cheap also, it cost 40 bucks per entry. Yeah, wow!
But it's worth of course for the beautiful and elegant architecture! Oh right, this Temple have very strict dress code, no shorts and no sleeveless shirts and our outfits are just perfect :)

wow! What is this? 
Sorry I dont kno, I just kno how to take photo at nice stuff only (.__.)
Okay lah, so I google searched and this is Wat Phra Kaew or the Temple of the Emerald Buddha
Hmm.. better ;)

Angkor Wat miniature model in the Grand Palace :) 
This one I kno wokay! *proud* hehehe

The four ladies and the model. 

Bring us more luck bring us more luck! Haha! 
Everyone is looking at us posing like this. So embarrassing... okay lah a bit embarrassing only lor cuhs I know some would said that, "你会的咩? " (.___.)

Touch gold touch gold. Yes they are real gold ! 
Touch for more gold! HAHA!

Try to make he laughs and he just wont laughs. 
Stand still like he does! 

We look alike eh? Haha!

Okay next station, where ah?
Wat Arun :)
We need to take boat over there cause it's situated on the bank of the Chao Phraya River

On the way to the next visit. The boat is really fast and the water river kept splash on our face. ewwww yucks!
Just in case, WO DE TOU FAAAAA!! means My hairrrrrrrrr!!

Wat Arun! Very nice building :) As the tour guide said, It's one of the most outstanding temples in Thailand too.

Ohmyyy, I dont kno where did I get the courage to climb up the temple. MAIGOD it's so slant, very slant. It's so high, very high. I'm not dare to look down it makes my legs hardly could stand. Just laugh ha ha ha~
But it's very nice up there :)

On the way back. Trip on the river about an hour.

These fishes are starving. They are hungry they are big they are huge they are ugly omg.
Throw a small piece of bread into the river and you'll see this just in a second.

Back on land.
Siam Paragon shopping mall to hunt for some food~

MOS Burger from Japan :D 
They are naissssss! They did not have any outlet in Malaysia too bad :(


Head back to hotel for some rest and get ready for dinner with my aunt's brother who lives in Bangkok.
Baiyoke Sky, where we had our dinner :)

Very nice view, mediocre buffet.

Beloved mummy and sister :)

Spot the difference! Very nice skin color on my arm :3

The end of Day2!
Told ya it's a looooooong post teehee :)
Hope u enjoy reading! Stay tune for the next update aite! :D

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