Monday, June 17, 2013

Fawesome 21st ♥ part 2!

Here comes the part two! 
Another 21st celebration with kelantan mates @ Shangri-La hotel, seafood buffet dinner. Seafood's my favourite and I feel blessed for everything!

Outfit of the night. 

All the seafood are really fresh freshness freshh! Some might dont like it as they are all cold seafood.
I must admit I loveeeeee the oyster which I not dare to consume at first until my friend told me it is a must! Yeah it's aweshome! 


Hehehehehe   Almost all of them are on our plates! nom nom noms.
BUT, so sad most of them are disappointing.  They dont taste like dessert and I've fell from my paradise to the bottom in the twinkling of an eye. 

The June babies!  He is just on the next day, hey lil bro. 

With the pretty, wanxiu! Thanks for all the planning and surprises! Super surprise! Hahaha! Thanks for all the efforts pretty! 

So, as I'm talking to one of my friend and then we stopped our conversation. I heard birthday song which sang by a bunch of waiters and I thought that its to the next table, really. Because the next table is celebrating birthday too. Hahaa! Then, I'm really surprise when they are walking towards my direction, quite awkward actually. You know, the birthday ones is always the awkward ones as he/she got nothing to do other than listen to the birthday song until the end. LOL. This is the first surprise. 

The next surprise really surprised me ALOT! I think I stunned for a few seconds when I saw the big Burberry paperbag! First thing comes in my mind : Is this for real? For me?! 
Yeah, this is a really really big present for me. More than enough... Thanks baby, really. Of course I'm expecting what he would present me this year but this is really, out of my expectation! 

Never failed to surprise me every year for my birthday, no matter what and how. 

I'm so happy and you can see tears in my eyes. I controlled myself not to let the tears fall as I have make up on my face. I dont wanna ruined my make up. hahaha  

Although we are miles apart but I'm really glad that we still managed to celebrate together through Skype! Thanks to the invention of technology. So far yet so close.  We skyped almost everyday but this time means so much to me. I just don't know how to express my feelings... nothing could just perfectly describe how I feel :')

Birthday girl is happy! 

Here comes the group photo! 

June babies and the 1992 monkeys! 
Thanks for being part of my 21st guys! You guys are awesome! 

The June babies 切蛋糕! 

What else to say besides thank you? 

So now I'm officially 21 and I could enter casino officially! Yup, went to Genting right after the buffet dinner. So I enter the casino and the security asked for my IC, I'm really happy and proud to show him and I get a "Happy Birthday" from him! No more worries and no more bribery! Hellos 21st!  
Still young! 

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