Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Random ♥ I need to stop!

Oh well, I believe most of the girls out there enjoy shopping and buy lots of pretty stuffs! Girls' clothes would never be enough!

I went out with my friends to Kenanga Wholesale City  the fashion wholesale shopping mall. I never know such place until I heard one of my friend told me about it. So I just joined them as I've never visit before and I wanna see how cheap they are. Actually I'm just following them and I never thought of buying any new clothes as I've promise myself no more buying new clothes! Alright I said this all the time but.... ugh.

So we're there. Oh wow, that's women paradise I must say. It's just something like Platinum Mall in Bangkok but platinum mall is much better lah! Haha! Shopping Spreeeeee! Sooooo many pretty clothes how could you just let them hanging over there?!  soIboughthem. ehem.

I've had an experience: I really love the top from a boutique and struggled abit and eventually I did not buy it and I'm really regret I did not buy it which I actually returned and it's gone!   err I used many "and" eh LOL. But YAY! I at least controlled myself right! Lolol.

Seriously I need to stop buying as my wardrobe is overloaded! The feeling of shopping just makes me feel so happy annnnnnd abit guilty lah.. But of course happy comes first LOL. Especially when the price is so cheap! What bout the quality? Yeah they're just nice! I won't buy bad quality stuff tho ;)

BUT, this always happen. We tried them on in the boutique looks so nice so pretty! Then wear it again at our house, "why so weird geh?!" and eventually left it there and never gonna wear it. Confirm because of their soft and dim lightnings make us look good in every pieces. LOL. But now I will never buy any clothes from those stores with pretty lightnings that make me look like a princess but a fatcow at home. NEVER! 

Despite online shopping cause I can't touch them and try them on! :( So far I bought online, most of them are in good quality and super cheap from taobao! That's one of the reason I couldn't stop! So pretty so cute so cheap! Lol My sis loh always jio me surf taobao.. HAHA

I need to stop I need to stop I need to stop...... Ugh well, I dont think mission will be accomplished, ever. 

Sigh, girls....

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