Tuesday, October 01, 2013

Sydney ♥ Day1

Looks like photo on postcard eh? :P 

This is what I've been waiting for during my whole semester break! I'm going to Sydney! Yey! Which this was planned not really early also not really last minute hehehe! I'm quite shock that my parents allowed me to go which I just asked them once and I'm travelling alone and the flight tickets are not cheap duh... Parents love their children the most right! Shoooo happy can dai! :D 

This is the first time Im travelling overseas alone and Im actually abit nervous and of course excited! 

My flight is on the 21st of sept, at night 9.50pm and will be reaching at Sydney on 8am Sydney's time. So I just spent the whole night on the plane. Something interesting happened that night, there was a girl just in front of my seat was fainted on the aisle while she was trying to walk to lavatory I guess.. Her friends shouted for help but seem like none of the Air Stewardess heard them. Luckily there was a doctor, "Here's a doctor I can help!" So dramatic like the scene in the movie. The doctor asked her friends what happened what had she consumed and bla bla bla. So she fainted because this is the first time she consumed the sleeping pills. After some time, doctor brought her back and I just get back into my dream! 

Reached Sydney Kingsford Smith Airport. I have to wait for my bf and friends from Adelaide which they would be reaching at 10am. We met up and here's where my 7days 6nights of Sydney trip started! ;)

We take free shuttle bus to Central Station to change train to our hotel. Checked in and loaded our luggage. 
Move on to our first station, Fish Market!

Cheehwa, Jeon, chicksmall song, and bf, on the train. Otw to Central Station and change to take tram from Central Station to Fish Market for our lunch!

Here's the tram!

People mountain people sea. Look for restaurant for our lunch and everywhere are full! 

We chose this at the end as their dishes looks tempting! 

We ordered two different special platters.

Yumyum! The portion is really big and I'm really full even it's for 5 of us. The guys are not and they ordered another dishes.

I dunno what's this and I'll just name it Minced meat chicken.

This is how it looks inside the chicken! I'm too full and I couldn't finish this. 

What noodle is this? It's palatable and I like it! :)
I loveeeeee their seafood they are all so fresh! 

Okay move on to the next place. Circular Quay, which is the hub of the Sydney Harbour. Where it is a stepping-off point for most attractions based around the harbour. Definitely an exciting place to be on a super nice weather like this! I love the weather over there and we're lucky there isnt any rain during our trip and we enjoyed our trip ttm! :) 

We walk around Circular Quay and enjoy the views of the magnificient Harbour Bridge and The Sydney Opera House!

What pose is this? Alright it looks cool. 

There are actually peoples walking on the bridge which some fee is needed and is quite costly if im not mistaken.

Here a closer look! 
Whaooo! Thats really tall and... definitely a NO for me to climb the bridge! Heh

 I've always wanted to visit here one day and I'm here! :D andddd the Sydney Opera House is at my back!!

We spent our whole evening at Circular Quay walking around enjoying the mesmerizing views and people watching. How I wished the time could stop right there! 

The sky goes dark at 4pm and we had our dinner at 5pm @Pancakes on the rocks

This is one of their famous pancakes! Coco Berry, $12.95 
It's a chocolate pancakes served with coconut, cream, vanilla ice cream topped with their chocolate sauce and raspberry coulis. My favorite! 

Another which caught my attention on the menu is this, Black Forest Cherry,  $13.95.
Also chocolate pancakes, hehe I love chocolate. This comes with cherris in cherry brandy sauce, finished with cream, chocolate ice cream and a sprinkling of chocolate chipssss with their chocolate sauce. Yummmm! 

Both of these are nice but greasy if you had too much. 

Tandoori Chicken pizza, $17.95 (i wonder why all their price xx.95 so cute wan
Tender pieces of chicken breast marinated tandoori style. With spanish onions, sweet potato cashew nuts and mozzarella cheese, topped with mango chutney minted yogurt (eeewwww no like) and coriander (parsley-like herb).  Overall it's nice just not that weird taste yogurt. Ugh idk it's just weird for me. Haha! 

We walk back to our hotel after the dinner. There is some distance from The Rocks to our hotel, Travelodge Sydney, approximately 1hour walking distance? cause we're not familiar with the streets yet. hehehe.. The weather is cooler and windy in the night, we just enjoyed it and I'm actually freezing as I didnt bring my jacket with me. Lol

Had a very good sleep and recharge for the next day :)

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