Thursday, June 05, 2014

Life in Sheffield :)

This post gonna be a combination of yesterday and today. Didnt got the time to post anything as we're all busying to make preparation for the poster presentation the next day. 

So I'll briefly share what I did yesterday. 

Woke up early for Santander bank registration :)

While waiting for our turn, let us take a selfie :P
She's Anna, the Brazilian, our student crew who I mentioned on my previous post. How lovely is she right? Haha

Still waiting...................

We've been busying the whole afternoon for the poster presentation preparation. Superrrrr hungry as we didnt had our lunch after we had the wrap..

So this is the Chicken Mayo Salad wrap which was just okay tho. It's cold and yeah, it's just okay. I need something warmer, hotter? Lol Actually I tot there's eggs inside and just grabbed it but ugh no egg inside im quite sad. Lolol

BUT after all the working in the class it's time to go back for our dinner at 6pm! Wheeee the happiest moment of the day! FOOOOD HAHAHA


Thanks Amelie and Zixuan for preparing this sumptuous dinner for 11 of us! Drooling arent you? ;P

Lai a selfie of our blissful faces.

After dinner went back for poster preparation agaaaaain. It's quite fun to work with them just it's a little bit tired already hahaha.

After all the hard work, the day is here! It's today! 
It's different from what we've been doing in TARC's presentation this time. No powerpoint, no standing in front in the class, you dont have to talk and just wait the tutors to come to ur poster and read them, and wait for their questions! Sounds easy right? But I'm still nervous. Lol

This is our poster! Lovely right?! I just couldnt not admitting that we're too creative LOL! 

You know what? We never brought anything from Malaysia for our poster like the other groups do. We're like knowing ourselves in deep shit when tutors showed us sample poster which was like "god level" creativity LOL

But we made good use of campus resources, grab this grab that which we could take around us and cut paste cut paste and our poster is done! hehehe Not bad right?! 

The 3 guys in our group.

A group photo! Yay FINALLY! It's over! :D

Went to West Street to have famous Kebab which one of my friend introduced. 

Here we are! 

The portion is quite big as we ordered Aslan House Special, shared with Meini. We finished it and fingers licking goooood! Nom nom nom

A photo of me and the Kebab! :D
Another satisfying dinner! Would definitely go back there again! 

Okie. Goodnight! 

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