Wednesday, June 25, 2014

I love Whitby!

One of the places I love the most! Okay actually I love all places I visited hehehe.

Towering cliffs and rocky outcrops protrude seaward, occasionally giving way to curved bays with fossil-rich, soft, sandy beaches line with quaint cottages, sometimes seemingly higgledy-piggledy in the positioning. This extraordinary stretch of coastline has become a favourite holiday destination of many! pfft macam yes, but NO I dont write these I copied from the paper they provided about Whitby hahaha! :P

The journey was long it took about 2 and a half? Some more the bus was like crawling when it going up hills. Seriously c c c c r a w l i n g. . . . The bus driver got fed up tho as he couldn't control it. I was like "why the heck is this moving so slow? Engine mau mati ady? Oh noooooo..." But then I heard the bus driver grumbled to one of the crew members that he hates the bus. So yeah. Still thanks god we arrived safe and sound and most importantly, it's SUNNY! 

Hello pretty Whitby, I'm here to explore you! :D 

走走拍拍 around Whitby!
We're super hungry and the first thing to do is hunt for fooooood..... 

Oh myyy so beautiful... I mean me the views of course!! 

The famous Magpie Cafe with the famous Fish and Chips. We're here at before 12pm as the shop was open at 12pm. Or else we would be in a super loooooong queue.

Queue'ing for "what make it so famous fish and chips".

Taadaa! This was the Cod and Chips @ 6.75 pounds. 
This one was definitely far more better than Fish and Chips anywhere else! No joking. The best Fish and Chips so far ;) It's certainly a slice of Whitby that you would not wanna miss! 

This was the looooooong queue. Lol

We finished our Fish and Chips at the cliff with picturesque view. 

Continue to 走走拍拍 ~ 

Another "tiang" photo.

Crowds on the street. 
I super love their lifestyle over here! They could just walking their dogs around in the street and what amazed me was that most of the shops there provided a bowl of water for the pets. So the dogs could just stop and drink the water in the bowl and continue to walk. How lovely right? :D

What's that? Hand dryer? Yes. Hand soap? Yes. AND It's also a hand washing machine. Interesting huh! Yeah this is my first time seeing machine like this heeh. Abit sua ku la ok :P

I'm glad I had my food first before climbing on the 199 steps up to Whitby Abbey.
I'm ready 199 steps I'm coming!

Fantastic view! 
I would not go anywhere else if I could see this view everyday from my room! OK joking :P

UP here! 
Ya you can see tombstones behind me. Oh ya Whitby is also known as town of vampires. Theses were excavated in the 1920 and some of them are ancient indeed. I have no idea what's the history here heee.

Jumping attempt #1 failed.

Jumping attempt #2 Succeed! YAY!
Actually not 2 i dunno jump for how many times for this perfect jumping shot. 
蓝蓝的天,青青的草 真漂亮! 

Let us take a selfie :)

Hello lovely buddy! You're so white! :P

We didnt pay for the entrance fee to visit inside as it costs 6.60 pounds per person. 

Another picturesque view from the top.

HAHAHA I think its cute so I post this LOL! 

Walking on the beach to the Rainbow huts.

End this post with my favorite shot! :D

Alright thats all for now. 
Bye :)

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