Monday, June 02, 2014

Tell me more about you, Sheffield :)

Sooo this is my third night in Sheffield :) 
Here I roughly write about what happened today la haha.. 

Lemme take a selfie before another exploring day in Sheffield hehehe.
It's Sunday today and most of the shops close earlier so we didnt do much shopping just looking around and waiting for summer sales! HAHA :D

Oh ya, and breakkie for this morning! Amelie's Not-So-Big Breakfast! Looks delicious taste delicious! Which actually just cost us 0.4 pence ;)

Here starts our day!
The weather is quite hot today and I'm sweating. Should have  wear short pants uh. 
Hello! :)

Yay happy girls are happy like the kids playing with the water fountain at the back! 

Ah Xiao and Amelie!

I wish I were kid too. Lolol

Sit-on-the-grass photo HAHA! 

Back to hostel around 4pm as we had assignment discussion with the group mates at their place. Thanks Amelie for preparing us yummy yummy dinner while we're having discussion. Her recipe is awesome its soooo yummy you couldn't get it somewhere else! :P She would be a really good wife! HAHA! 

Jiang jiang! 
What? Spaghetti again? Dont you girls bored with spaghetti?  NO, I told you Amelie's recipe is awesome! Hahaha! Ok la soon, soon I will post some rice photo cause we havent get ourselves a rice cooker. Heh! 

The end for today! Gonna sleep earlier today cause need to wake up at 7am in the morning! Goodnight! ;)

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