Sunday, July 27, 2014

Peak District ♥ Surprise View ♥ Mam Tor

I'm tired but I dont feel like sleeping yet so let me finish this Peak District post! This gonna be a long one I think. So be patience hehe.

This was my very first time went hiking with my friends. Hmm the scout's camp I joined years ago doesnt count. Or did that count too? Ah IDK. Whatever it is, I still insist that this is my super very first time LOL. We actually really planned the day before and due to the weather forecast, we postponed it one day later. Thanks a lot to Kent and Julius for the attentive planning! *clap clap* 

We purchase the Peak Explorer ticket on the bus, £5.50  per person, and off we go! It took around 20 minutes to our first destination, Surprise View!

**Please take your litter home with you! 
Leave no litters behind so I bring all my friends home with me. HAHAHAHA sorry friends just kidding. (fyi this is how we get along so dont think im bad hahaha)
Indeed the view is surprisingly fresh and clean! You could hardly found any rubbish or waste up there. Impressive... this would never happen in Malaysia. -__-

Are you ready? 拜托你啦 亲爱的小NB! 

 Gogogo! To the Mother Cap! 

 Wow! Green and peace! 

 I love nature! You would definitely forgot all your assignments shit when you see this! Just be careful, watch your step! :)
Sorry for letting you worry Louise~ We will be very careful, 不会吓到你老人家啦... hahaha She was so worried when we were standing at the cliff. Lol 

Keep on going keep on going to the Mother Cap! 

We're in love with stones heh 

Super strong wind up here too. 
Actually this is really high.. quite high from the ground. We hardly climbed to the top. Just... this is not a good angle to show that it's really tall. HAHA! And it was quite scary for me to stand up like that in the photo. TOLD YA ITS TALL VERY TALL AND THE WIND IS SUPER STRONG MAKE YOU FEEL LIKE YOU WOULD BE BLOWN AWAY!! Scary but fun. Lol

Btw this is not the Mother Cap yet. We've been attracted to it cause they are rocks. Rocks rocks yeah. Hahaha

So here we are Mother Cap!! :D

 Not easy to get up there tho. I was assisted by Julius to get up there Lol how useless.. hahaha

Makan time after some photos. Better filled up your stomach before you continue. You need a lot of energy duh I'm crapping again. Lol

Awwww this photo look so warm right? They look like cute couples arent they? Amelie and Louise, Kent and Meini I mean. HAHA! The three of us, Julius, Liyin and Me are happy friends smiling happily to the camera and Stephy down there posing like super model molesting the rock! A photo full with stories, interesting. HAHA!

Self-timer group photo! xoxo

Ready to leave to the next place. Goodbye Mother Cap! I would stay longer if we had enough time as we plan to catch the 4pm bus. Hehehe The next bus is 6pm. Got a bit too late for us so we chose to catch the 4pm one.  

Awww Liyin fell when we were walking down to the starting point. 
And the lovely couple showed their loves to Liyin's knee. 

Get on the bus from Surprise View to Castleton, to Mam Tor. Cute name huh but its not cute at all. Hehehe

Had a little break at Three Roofs Cafe for recharge! 


Here we continue again! Followed the GPS to the top of the hill! Let's do this babe!

Playground? Okay we gonna start our "playground"! 

 Heat hot heat hot..... I would surely enjoy to the max if the sun hide himself. hehehe But we still enjoy throughout the journey. :)

Moo Moo also seek for shade to rest. Weather a bit too hot liao la.  

 No shade to the end................. faint...
We really complain alot HAHAHA as we never thought that it was really, really 爬山. LOL

 Woooo exciting! 

At least this little sheep cheer us up abit at the halfway. LOL
It speaks! You meh then it would reply you! Too cute hahaha!
We meh for quite awhile with it and we ciao. Continue to the top of the hill! As when we walked away, far far away from it, it kept on meh meh meh non stop. Macam very sad we were leaving and left it alone again. So sad.... But sorry sheep we have to go.

"YAY We're there!!" 
We were like super excited we made it we made it! Stay for a little while for some photos.

Continue to the top. This.... is not the top...yet.... 

Im so proud of you little doggy. You seem like so relax... I jealous. 

That's quite tired for those who don't exercise often. We stop for some water and continue, stop and continue. Lol not enough stamina ahh! HAHA

Suuuuuuper 爽! Wind too strong until cannot capture a proper photo. But this one I like. HAHAHA

Makan again. hehehe energy overused.  
We used almost an hour plussss to reach the top of the hills from the bottom. *clap for myself*

Rest for around half an hour on the top. Relaxing, enjoying the strong wind, loving like this!

We are at the Top of Mam Tor! 
I never thought of I would be doing something like this one day! But I did it LOL

I'm impressed! This guy even cycle all the way up! *double thumbs up* soooooo cool! LOL

Selfie before going back!

Let's start this! 
下山路不好走啊... 不过我觉得比上山来的好... 

厄 好高 好斜... 
Something funny happen I'm so sorry I could not write it here HAHAHA sorry I should not be laughing but that was funny HAHA! :P

All the way down! This was the shortcut to the bottom. Lucky one of my friend found this or else we would be walking a long way back to Castleton. This save a lot of time!

YAY!! Mission accomplished! 
I'm very happy although I became even darker ugh. This was an amazing experience I've had ever got in my life! :)

"Remember I've mention we were planning to catch the 4pm bus? We were 5 minutes late to the bus station and poooooof~ bus gone! We were forced to wait for the 6pm bus. LOL We were trying so hard why why why... Oh well, thats nice. We crap around for the two effing hours. Lol My thighs sore the next day! Feeling good hahaha!"

Okay now I feel sleepy. Goodnight! :)


Yung Yew said...

very nice place and well written :) it makes me get excited too haha~ smell of nature~~ i would go if i'm given a chance.. good to see u enjoying life (y)

Happy walker said...

nice picture taken, i didn't go by tram before last time~ haha

Zhiyee said...

Yungyew- Thanks! hehe It was indeed very nice place! You would definitely love it :D

Happy walker - Thanks haha.. we go by bus.. How do you get there? :)