Monday, July 21, 2008

Happy 16th Birthday Panyen! :D Old liao lorr =)
Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday to Panyen~~
Happy Birthday to you... :D

At school in the morning, Yaapin and me still confusing going to Panyen's birthday party or not.
Because we have tuition at the same time :(
Then, Biology class, our teacher's daughter come and told us that "Tonight tuition is canceled! Teacher went to KL for something." Oh yes oh yes! Muahahah..
This is exactly what we want! :D LOL!

Well, panyen's birthday party start at 8pm, we go to mall at 6pm to choose present.
We choose for a very long time lo~ this and that. Hah!
After choosing, we got nothing yet. Hehe then go to take five! :D haha
Finally got token liao~ Hohoo..
Continue to search for Panyen's present after that :)
Lastly, we decide to buy him a basketball~ Hope u will used that! ^^

A bear and the birthday card :D
[the ribbon colour not we choose de] Hahaa.

Neng Koya'ing &
Stupid Yaapin tought this face is cute !

Me &
Piyi showing her phone~
Chubby face! Haha XD

The Girls :D

Panyen [ the birthday boy] & me :D
They are all playing with the creeeeeam! LOL. I didnt get it at first.
Then Weihoong did it on my face! Ewww.. "oil oil one"~~
Hahah. you can see alot on Panyen's face.

Me with the monster! XD
[their present for Panyen]
IT IS HUGE! Yeah, you can see that! Hahaa

John performing. Hahaha!
Nice song u played there, uncle john ;)
Really nice :D
John play, Carmen sing =D Hoho..

We we we ! Ignore us :D

Yaapin, Neng, Me
Yang, Cheehwa, Piyi :D
Cheehwa the papa & Piyi the mama xD

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