Monday, July 14, 2008

Neng absent for skool today. Eeeeh!
Yaapin bites my skinny hand again today =.='
i bite her back! =P Hohoho
and Piyi.. non-stop laughing about the "Wong Ying Gu" in the morning. lol xD
After skool, my mom give me my piano result! omg omg.. i'm so nervous when i'm going to open it. Then my mom said:" You passed your exam la."
Wuahahah! XD What more.. i just keep on laughing. Hehe

Yep.. yaapin got her new phone w850i yesterday.
seem she had waiting for soooooo long. hahah =D
We went to KB mall for our dinner again. KFC~~ It's much cheaper than McDonald leh!
Then we saw many Ang Mo Lang leh. They are so leng chai ~~~ XD wuahahah.
We just "pay attention" at the boys. xP hehehe
Then i saw my sis EX then yaapin said that he is handsome. lalalala~:)

Yong sui YaaPin and the burger xD

The pepsi float. Eeeewwwww~~

Yaapin new phone ~ I took it when tuition'ing.
In my Bag. Hohoho xP
Nice capture lehhh =P wuahahah.

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