Monday, July 28, 2008

I just came back from KL. & that's the reason i went to KL.
My sister Convocation =) Congratulate.
It's really really hot there! UGH..
& i tot i can watch Batman the Dark Knight this time,
but.. Shopping seng~ lol . My sis told us that this is a 3 hours movie!
ohgod. Soooo... I missed the show :(

Richard. He follows us to Sunway. He stayed at KL but his parents never take them to Sunway Pyramid before. lol

She is sooooooo cute! I cant carry her yet she is really heavyy!

On the way back to KB. *sigh* Another long journey in car.
I hate sitting for sooo long in car lah! So pening..
just keep on sleep and sleep and sleep until arrive our destination.
My dad's GPS system is so dam noisy.. If the car speed over 65 "Please slow down, Please slow down" . Yaya.. Safety first..

And about this picture, My sis forced me to take it. =.="

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