Monday, July 07, 2008

Phew, i tot today got add math exam. Cuhs i not yet do well preparation.
Like always lahh =P hehe.
Delayed to Tuesday.

Went to yaapin house for add maths exercises.
She taught me "alot" =D hahaha.
But at least i do learn something from her la. hoho!

Coco :D hahah & Yaapin ;P

Happy! hohoho

Coco&Happy :D Their heads senget at the same time leh.Wonder what they thinking. hahah

They're so cute nohhh! XD hehehe.

Alright, after we brush up on our add math, Time for us to have our dinner and go to tuition! First we went to Noodle Station for our dinner. Well, look look at those prices.. "OMG, one plate Mee Goreng Six dollar! Better go eat Hamburger lui~" Wuahahah! We already took the seat, served by the waiter.. Then, we got up and walked away from there! Oh no.. how embarassing. hahahah!

0kay, we decide to go to McDonald ;) Then go to Popular for my Pen ink refill~~~ Yaapin buy alot of things. And she took 2 Rockies at 1st. But she afraid that not enough money to pay then put them back agn. haha Hochai she din buy lorr, cuhs really not enough. haha

Then, She nge nge wan buy those Rockiessss. Go guardian, Watson.. No sell ~~ wuahahah. Still dowan give up... Then went in Pacific.. Finally! Wehh. If still dont have dont kno I follow her walk till when. lol xP

Ready to go to tuition. Opposite the mall.. "oh god!It's raining~~~~" We wait for minutes. Waiting for Jingwen come and fetch us with umbrella~~ hahah. But at last both of us oso Run to reach there. hohoho! What ? Wet wet lo.. Ewwww~~~ XD

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